Patches and Devices

Interactive patches made in Max, downloadable as .maxpat files.

Flexible Euclidean Rhythm Generator

Generates Euclidean rhythms using a given length of steps in a pattern and a given number of onsets/hits/triggers. Methods of calculating patterns in this patch are derived from Bresenham’s line algorithm. Very stable and fairly lightweight. The length of patterns in this patch are generally unlimited.

This patch can be downloaded as an abstraction, or as a demonstration patch with 3 euclidean generators sequencing 3 modeled string voices, mixed down using mc. objects.


Euclidean Lines

This patch extends the core sequencer of the above patch to visually demonstrate the use of a line algorithm to generate a Euclidean rhythm. Click anywhere in the dark display window to generate a rhythm pattern as a function of rise/run. Lines with larger slopes generate more hits per sequence. Generates sound using a modeled string voice.


Spectral Scanner

Resynthesizes image data as spectral sound data via a large sine oscillator bank, which is then fed back into a spectrogram. Accepts an uploaded image, a webcam feed, or screen capture. Since the patch reads image data serially, it can be used to manipulate visual information like a traditional document scanner. Play with the oscillator base frequency or image scan rate to warp both sonic and visual information.

*Turn down your volume before running the patch.


(may ask for permission to access your camera/files/record screen)