draft/patch/weave is an ongoing collaboration between myself and Anna Bockrath. This collaboration explores the expressive possibilities of two tools that use patterns in their operation: the floor loom and the modular synthesizer. We start by drafting a weaving pattern using a custom patch in Max/MSP; we then use this pattern as a basis for producing a weaving and a sound composition. The mechanical motions of the loom are processed through Max and used to control the synthesizer in conjunction with the weaving pattern. Through this process, the weaving pattern becomes a program that is performed by both the loom and the synthesizer. In this way, we explore how digital information can be used to make connections between tactile and sonic art forms, and how seemingly disparate tools share common ground. The results – weaving and its related sound composition – reflect this dialogic process as it unfolds over time.

Look + Listen

This project was shown at Tiger Strikes Asteroid in January 2021. During that time, we held a short performance of the process, and developed an interactive extension of our weaving program, which allowed visitors to create their own weaving drafts, which were both projected programmed the synthesizer in real-time.